If he yells at you, is emotional torture

Is it emotional torture when your husband yells at you when mad? In the middle of any conversation, your husband suddenly gets really upset…and in a short time, he is yelling and cursing at you. Of course, it takes you by surprise! the issue you were discussing was not life or death, and was developing […]

Is Emotional Bullying Bringing You Down?

What is emotional bullying? In general, we can understand emotional bullying as emotional abuse. Emotional abuse in the home is always emotional bullying. However, bullying can also be a more “social” form of abuse that doesn’t occur in your home. Perhaps you have been bullied at work or school, or are still emotionally wounded from […]

End the Use of Emotional Abuse on Children

The use of emotional abuse on children is a toxic interaction that must be identified and stopped before it causes life scars. Now that you know a lot about emotional abuse in your home and life, you must make sure that it does not ruin your own children’s development and happy home life. Some common […]

When Abuse Becomes Emotional Torture

There are some people who think they would still rather be emotionally abused than physically abused. If someone has ever told you that your emotional abuse situation “could be worse,” we will apologize for that person. Emotional pain is just as serious as physical pain, not only because the victim often blames herself, but also […]

How to Respond to an Abusive, Screaming Man

You never married an screaming man, did you? Oh, no, your boyfriend was a normal, caring person talking to you with respect…that is why you married him! So now, why is he transformed into this raging man? What happened to him that now you are shocked by his anger explosions? To begin, we can say […]

The Seven Faces of Mental Abuse

Today we’re looking at an article by Annie Kaszina at Ezine Articles, who has written about the seven most important things to know about mental abuse. You could consider these the seven “faces” or aspects of mental abuse, that are most common to each mental abuse situation. 1. “Sticks and stones won’t break my bones” […]

Get the Facts About Psychological Abuse

Yes, psychological abuse is another way of talking about emotional abuse. However, using the term “psychological” can help us break down the facts about how this type of abuse occurs. How is it psychological? Psychological abuse is a repeated interaction between two people, in which one person attacks the other’s self worth, social competence (as […]

Get a Peek At Our Course!

Here you can find what each of the lessons in this course are about. Keep in mind that each of these lessons has extra tools to use, too, as well as a way of sharing your comments with others!   Lesson #1: Basic Ideas About Abuse What if there was a new way of thinking […]

Overcoming Emotional Abuse Course

This is a new course in overcoming emotional abuse, made specifically for women who are in emotionally abusive relationships, and don’t know where to turn for help. This course is the continuation (part 2) of our new book, called Healing from Emotional Abuse. If you have not read this book yet, we highly recommend that […]